Having a custom card for your corporate, healthcare, or college campus operation makes a great impression. Custom cards with an image of a famous landmark, a logo, or simply your organization's name and logo in color, helps create an official look and enhances your location's identity.

There are unlimited possibilities for card designs and a wide variety of card colors, fonts and layouts to choose from, or design something totally new! Can't come up with an exciting look? Let us design a card for you!

Custom cards can be created for special events, conferences, or camps too. It's an instant souvenir to take home and something to remember the event, as well as all the benefits of a cashless card.


A quick card lesson

Cards can be made to fit most specifications, the standard spec for a custom card is:

PVC stock cards white or color (metallic available)
CR 80
30 mil
1 color
1/2 inch high coercivity magnetic stripe

Explanation of terms:

PVC is a card material used by most card vendors, durable and strong.

CR80 refers to the size (length and width) of the card

30 mil refers to the thickness of the card. CBORD readers use the industry standard, which is 30 mil.

1 color refers to the number of colors of ink used to print the card. if you want full color, you would ask for 4 color, which is more expensive than 1 or 2 color.

1/2 inch high coercivity magnetic stipe refers to the size and type of magnetic stripe on your card. A custom card should have the same size and spec as your standard card.

Custom cards usually take four to six weeks — call for pricing and time frame information.



Contact a our sales team at CBORD for questions or ordering information.